Why Your Small to Medium-Sized Business Needs A Marketing Agency

Every business has an opportunity to compete with the big brands.  It’s completely possible for your small to medium-sized business to rank on the first page of search engine results pages, and to be seen amidst the sea of your competitors.  The problem is that most small businesses think like just that, a small business.  To play in the big leagues as a business owner you need to think big and act big.  Hiring a marketing agency is one of the smartest things you can do as an entrepreneur.  Your small to medium-sized business needs a marketing agency to avoid becoming one of the discouraging statistics about small businesses.

A marketing agency can take your business to new heights.  A full-service marketing agency can help your business in many areas such as branding, web design, content, social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, public relations, brand identity, and graphic design.  An agency that does all this can make your online reputation like gold and make your online presence work for you, instead of you constantly striving to keep up online.

Small Business Statistics

When it comes to small businesses, the statistics are grim for the entrepreneur.  According to a recent survey 21.5% of small businesses fail within the first year.  The number jumps to 30% after 2 years.  Only about half of small businesses even make it to their 5th year.  While these might seem like discouraging numbers, they don’t have to be.  A marketing agency is the way to stay on the other side of these numbers and to be the small business that succeeds and grows.

So many of the reasons that businesses fail come down to issues and challenges that can be tackled by a marketing agency.  Any successful business owner will tell you that you need a solid business plan.  This plan needs to cover all of the aspects and pillars of your business.  Your marketing needs to be part of this plan.  No one can buy what you offer if they aren’t aware of it.  A marketing agency is the best way to know that your business’s marketing is covered.

58% of successful business owners reported their success is attributed to a good work-life balance.  This may sound like a pipe dream to a new business owner.  With a new business to foster, many owners try to do it all.  It takes a lot of time to run your business, service your customers and clients, and market your business.  Time is precious as a business owner, and a marketing agency can definitely save you time.  You no longer need to wonder what works for your social media, which platform to focus on, and what to post.  Your marketing agency has you covered.

Why Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Need A Marketing Agency

When trying to figure out your marketing, many business owners are just shooting in the dark.  They assume they know how to effectively market their product or service.  The reality is, marketing requires a skill set, and those that work at a marketing agency have gone to college or at the very least, taken classes about marketing.  The skill set you get in your corner when you hire an agency is astounding.

Marketing is a multifaceted industry.  Rather than throwing your money and time at your best guess about marketing, put it into the hands of professionals.  Money is not to be wasted or spent frivolously when you’re a business owner.  When you spend your money on an agency, you are (hopefully) spending your money on a business that has previously garnered incredible results.  In the end, you will save money with a marketing agency, rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

What A Marketing Agency Can Do For Your Business

Marketing agencies offer a variety of services, each can propel your business forward and upward.  A full-service marketing agency can do it all from help your business define its brand identity to design a user friendly and visually stunning webpage as well as pay-per-click advertising and social media management services.  There is no end to the things a high-quality full-service marketing agency can do for your business.

One of the things marketing agencies do is to stay on top of the trends.  Marketing trends come and go, and staying on top of them can make your business look current and relevant.  The marketing experts you work with at your agency know all the trends and know if they’re worth your business following.  Once again, like with your time and money, your business isn’t wasting precious resources trying to follow something that may not even get your business results.

Just like you have very specific tools you need for your business to thrive, a marketing agency also has tools that they use to do their jobs.  Just like the normal layperson may not be privy to all the tools your business uses, small businesses usually don’t have all the tools a marketing agency does.  These tools can help your business’s online presence and can help your business become visible online.  With the use of advanced technology and AI, your business can compete with the big brands that are no doubt using these tools as well.

Marketing data and analytics are a big part of what a marketing agency does.  When these tools are utilized and optimized, you can see clearly what is working as far as your business’s marketing goes, and what is not.  You can continue to put your ad spend money into what is working, and quit putting money into what doesn’t work.  As a business owner, if you’re not looking at the marketing data and analytics, you are just shooting in the dark.  When you understand which areas of your marketing are working and which are falling flat you can better use your ad spend.  This will save your business money in the long run.  You will no longer be pumping your hard-earned money into a strategy that isn’t producing results.

If your company becomes large enough to have the capacity to hire an in-house marketer, they are not going to have all the knowledge and experience as an agency.  A marketing agency is a group of people, all of whom have a skill set that is geared towards marketing in some way.  If you hire a full-service agency you are not only getting someone with marketing skills, you also have a web designer, a graphic designer, content writers, and possibly even a full production team with photographers and videographers right at your fingertips.  The skill set of an entire agency is greater than a single marketer.

Whether you know what you want your advertising to look like or you are completely in the dark, a marketing agency can help you.  If you have a vision of what you want your advertisements to look like, a marketing agency can help that come to fruition.  They can help your vision become realized.  They can even take what you want and optimize it to interest and entice your target audience.

About 50% of small businesses do their own social media.  Of these more than 93% have reported struggling with social media.  As a business owner you have so many other things on your plate.  Social media is not one of the things you should be stressed about.  A marketing agency can manage your social media and get it working for you, instead of being a stressor.  The cutting-edge technology used by some agencies gets your social media in front of those most likely to buy from you, your target audience.  Watch as traffic to your website increases as well as conversions, with the help of a professional looking and acting social media.

If you admittedly know nothing about marketing, a good agency will talk to you and ask questions about your business and get an idea of what your vision is, or how you want your brand to be represented.  Your agency will then position your brand to be the answer to the pain point of your potential customers that they are looking to solve.  Your marketing agency knows how to advertise your business and who to advertise it to.  There is a science to marketing, and if you’re not using it, you’re not optimizing your advertising and marketing and your sales may suffer as a result.

One of the common misconceptions about working with a marketing agency is new businesses think they are too small or don’t have it in their budget to work with a marketing agency.  These business owners would be surprised to know that with most agencies, no budget or company is too small.  They work with each individual company and budget to formulate a strategy that will work for even a small budget.  One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t get incredible mind-blowing results with a small budget.  Scale each time and add more to your ad spend so that growth is continuously on an upward trend.

The main reason to use a marketing agency is that they will get sales and conversions for your business.  Sales are the reason businesses exist, everyone has to make a living, and sales are the bottom line.  While serving your customers is a goal of your business, you do that by making a sale.  Increased sales are more customers that your business has served, so you have accomplished both increasing your sales and serving customers.

Increased sales help your business to do what the mission of your business is.  If helping your community is part of your company’s mission, you can do so better with more sales.  It’s hard to help others when you are struggling yourself.  Increased sales mean you can better focus on the big picture of what your company has set out to do.

When To Hire An Agency

The question of when to hire an agency is an individual one.  Some businesses include an agency in their startup plan.  Many businesses rely on a marketing agency to pull them out of the hole.  This desperation is normal to agency owners, and it can make things a little more difficult.  There are other times when hiring an agency is the right thing to do, before it becomes your desperate last attempt to save your business.

When you first launch your business or if you are launching a new product or service, a marketing agency can help to get more of your target audience aware of your brand.  They not only get your brand in front of those that are most likely to buy what you offer, but they know how to position your product or service effectively.  A marketing agency will drum up interest and create a buzz around your launch, which hopefully gets you a lot of conversions right off the bat.

Even if your business has been around for a while and is established, it’s not too late to hire a marketing agency.  If your sales have become stagnant, it’s time to look into an agency.  When sales are stagnant it can easily lead to getting surpassed by your competitors.  Stagnant sales usually aren’t going to magically change on their own.  You need to take action to get the ball rolling and roll in your favor.

If your business goal is growth, hiring an agency is imperative.  A good marketing agency can help your company grow like nothing else can.  Business growth takes time and a solid plan.  Your marketing agency can help you to come up with a realistic plan and can even help you to execute this plan so your growth is sustainable.

What To Look For In A Marketing Agency

If you are starting from the ground up, the help of an agency can be like gold.  They can not only help your business to establish a solid online presence, but they can help your online reputation.  Your business will have all aspects working for you, like your website, your social media, and SEO.  All are optimized so your business has better visibility, relevance, authority, and trust from your potential and existing customers.

Find an agency that is transparent.  Of course, some of your money will go directly to the agency for their expertise, work, and tools.  Find out what percentage of your ad spend is going to ads, and not to the agency.  It can be incredibly frustrating when you think you are spending a few hundred dollars on ads every month, but come to find out your agency is taking the lion’s share of that money.  Work with an agency that is upfront and honest about how much they take out of that ad spend.

Any reputable marketing agency has case studies and proof that they get their client’s results.  This shows you that the agency knows what they are doing and they are more than talk.  Agencies with a good track record will take your business where you want it to go, as long as you do what they say and you put your trust in them.

Every business owner makes a few mistakes when starting out.  It’s how they grow and learn the best, from their failures.  Let the life lessons continue, but don’t let marketing be the reason your business doesn’t make it.  Mistakes can be costly, and the more of them you make as a business owner, the harder it is to keep your business afloat.  Don’t let marketing be your downfall.  Put your marketing needs into the hands of experts.

The Creative Agency is a full-service boutique marketing agency.  With an array of services, there is no limit to where your small to medium sized business can go with The Creative Agency.  Services include expert SEO, web design, social media, cinematography, styled photography, brand identity, public relations, TV and radio, and graphic design. Specializing in growth, The Creative Agency has helped hundreds of small to medium-sized business in many different industries to achieve incredible growth. The Creative Agency is your businesses solution to all of your marketing needs.

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