Why You Need To Know What Makes Your Customers Tick To Make Them Click

Fully understanding your ideal customer is a vital part of any business.  Business owners need to analyze and figure out what drives their customer base and how they can best serve it if they want their business to continue growing.  Knowing what makes your customers tick has many advantages for your business.

Benefits of Knowing and Identifying Your Ideal Customer

When trying to figure out your ideal audience and ideal customer you need to get as specific as possible.  When you target everyone, you sell to no one.  Your customers are a specific group with certain things in common, which is why they choose your product or service over your competitors.  When you identify your ideal customer you can speak to that person more directly, which will lead to more sales.

A big part of understanding your customers is understanding their pain points.  Your product or service is more than something that simply benefits your customers.  It needs to solve one of their problems, it disrupts their status quo and changes their life for the better.  When you truly understand the pain points of your customers you can evolve and change your products and services to better serve your customer.  You can also better market your brand when you position your brand as THE solution to these pain points.

Knowing your audience means knowing where they hang out.  Knowing which social media platform your customers are on and where and when they are looking for solutions is key to knowing where to advertise.  By knowing what your ideal customers do in their free time- do they scroll through Tik Tok, or are they researching on Google- you can know where to place your ads so these ideal customers see them.

What is important to your customers should be important to you.  You can attract customers whose values align with yours when you know what these customers are looking for.  These days more and more consumers are spending their money on brands whose values reflect their own.  You can better highlight these values when you understand what your customers value.

Getting as specific as you can when identifying your ideal customer helps you use the language they use and it makes them feel as if you are talking right to them.  A customer is more likely to buy a product or service if the marketing feels like someone is listening to what they want and need and is responding directly to them.  The more specific you get when identifying your ideal customer the more your customer feels like they are being directly addressed.  They feel as if their concerns and problems matter to you, and your business is just the one to help them solve their current issue.

How To Identify Your Ideal Customer

Obviously, the benefits of knowing your ideal customer are essential for your brand and/or business.  How do you figure out your ideal customer and how do you get as specific as you can?  There are some steps you can take to get your ideal customer perfected so your business can reap the benefits of knowing this customer inside and out.

Look at who buys from you the most.  This is the most obvious way to see who uses your product or service and how it benefits them.  The saying goes “You’re not selling a product.  You’re selling a solution.” Look at who is buying what you sell and analyze your product as their solution.  What problem is your product or service the solution to?  Who has this problem and needs you to solve it?  Answering these questions will bring you to your ideal customer.

If you have a solid social media presence, look at who engages with your brand on social media.  Look at what questions they have, if the same questions come up repeatedly.  Again, look at what problem they need solved and be that solution.  When your product or service is the perfect solution to their problem, you have found your ideal audience.

Researching your competition can help you tremendously.  See not only what your competitors are doing online, but see where they are falling short.  Reading your competitor’s reviews- especially the bad ones-  can show you the gaps your business can fill in.  Every business needs to evolve and change to keep up with the times.  Evolve your product or service to fill in gaps and offer what your competitors don’t.

Google Analytics on your own website can show you who is checking out your site and what they are doing.  It can show you what people are looking at on your site, and how these people got to your site.  Knowing where your organic traffic is coming from is part of knowing your audience.  When you know where your traffic comes from you can utilize that information to advertise more on that platform.

An exercise you can do before writing anything that is going out to your customers- an ad, a mailer, an email, etc.- is to create a customer avatar.  Get as specific as you can when creating this ideal customer.  Know their wants, their needs, and their values.  When you write to your customers, write to this specific avatar as if you are talking to them directly.  When your ideal customers read what you’ve written to this avatar, they will feel as if you are talking directly to them.  Their experience with your company will be more personalized and they are more likely to become brand loyal to you.

Getting specific with who your ideal customer is and what their needs are will benefit your business greatly.  The Creative Agency is a boutique marketing agency that does this research for you and gets to know your customers and what makes them tick and then makes them click.  We get to know every company we work with, so we can fully understand their customers and how to get through to them in the most effective ways.  Business growth is our specialty and we want to share that with you.  Contact us today to get your business growing by individualizing your customer’s experience.

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