What is a Fractional CMO and Why Are They Important?

Growth is important to every business.  When you have a small to medium-sized business it makes sense to hire a marketing expert who knows how to develop a marketing strategy for your business, and also knows how to execute the strategy.  The need for someone to take on this role usually comes way before it can justify a full-time role within your organization.  As a business owner, you have some options when it comes to how and who to hire for this role.  A fractional CMO is one of your options that can make a huge impact on the growth and strategy of your business.

A fractional CMO or fractional Chief Marketing Officer is someone who plans out and executes your marketing strategy.  This person is an expert in marketing and growth strategy.  They don’t tend to work full-time for you and are usually under contract.  This person can lead your marketing team and have them carry out the tasks to achieve your marketing goals.  There are many advantages of hiring a fractional CMO if your company is looking to grow and change or develop a marketing strategy.

Advantages of hiring a Fractional CMO

The main reason a company would hire a fractional CMO is because of their level of expertise.  This person is not only a marketing expert and can develop a strategy, but knows exactly how to execute the curated strategy.  When you hire a fractional CMO you can be confident in their skills and knowledge.  They should have proven past results.  They will get to know your company, how it works and your specific marketing needs.  Your marketing strategy should be unique to your business, as there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will consistently yield results.

Your fractional CMO will lead your marketing team and get everyone on the same page.  They usually designate tasks for each member so that the entire strategy is carried out.  This kind of management will lead your company to more efficient marketing.  You want to be concise across all channels and your fractional CMO makes sure exactly that happens.

Fractional CMOs are growth-focused.  They know how to take your business to the next level through marketing.  If growth is a goal of your company you need someone who will deviate from the status quo and take your company in an upward direction.  To grow your company will probably need to make marketing changes and your fractional CMO knows what changes to make and how to execute these changes.

If the changes you’ve implemented in marketing aren’t hitting their mark your fractional CMO should know where to turn and what changes to make.  The flexibility of fractional CMOs makes them very attractive to companies.  You also have someone who is a marketing expert, not someone who is an expert in your specific company, so you’ll have that fresh marketing perspective.

The cost of a fractional CMO is a huge reason to hire one.  Fractional CMOs don’t work for you full-time, so you won’t be paying a full-time marketing expert.  You get their expertise and knowledge, but they’re not usually needed on a full-time basis.  Many companies hire a fractional CMO to get their marketing strategy defined and off the ground, and then that person may work for them under contract but will work for that company fractionally. Hence, the fractional part of Chief Managing Officer.

Why a Fractional CMO is Important

Fractional CMOs’ return on investment is usually huge.  You are trusting this person to use their marketing knowledge and ability to set realistic goals and hit those marks.  The amount you get back from your marketing efforts far exceeds what you pay your fractional CMO.  A great ROI can take your business to the next level in terms of profits and growth.

Your fractional CMO is basically the leader of your marketing team.  They stay on top of tasks assigned to each member of the team.  This can increase the efficiency of your marketing team as a whole.  An efficient marketing team ensures you aren’t overspending on marketing that isn’t working.  You can easily increase your ROI with efficiency, the efficiency of your strategy and team.

A marketing expert can know all the steps to take to come up with a great marketing campaign, but you need someone that not only can craft your campaign but actually takes the steps to execute it.  With the execution of a marketing strategy, there can be all kinds of bumps in the road.  Your fractional CMO knows what to look out for and how to handle any bumps.  Execution is an important part of an effective strategy.  You need to be putting your marketing efforts in the hands of a professional who can nail the execution for you.

You need your target audience to see that your marketing is consistent on all levels.  This gives the impression of stability in your business.  Your customers also then know what to expect.  Consistency builds brand loyalty.  As your customers know they can rely on your company, they continue to do so and become loyal to your brand.

When you hire a good, results-proven fractional CMO you know you’re getting a competent leader for your team.  Hire someone who will try new things and who can outline a strategy that makes sense for your company, as well as is unique to your company.  Your fractional CMO can make huge differences in how your marketing works for you.

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