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Nothing Beats Hard Work

NEW YORK, NY / New York Weekly / June 11, 2021 / Nothing beats hard work, and under the criteria of persistence and dedication, no one can surpass these entrepreneurs. To say that managing and growing a venture under a pandemic-stricken economy is no easy feat would be an understatement. Amid the distressing situation, it is understandable for individuals to pause on their entrepreneurial dreams or suffer significantly in the pursuit thereof. However, as if encouraging their peers to remain innovative and forge on, some continue to burn the midnight oil. These individuals have consistently delivered glowing results that have not only helped their businesses survive but also thrive. Listed below are this year’s Top Ten CEOs who have powered through and proven that hard work wins at the end of the day – even against a health crisis.

American Billionaire
1. Mark Cuban

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With a net worth holding at least nine zeroes, Mark Cuban is a well-known game-changer in the business world. The American billionaire is a serial entrepreneur and media personality best known for his appearance among ABC’s Shark Tank investors.

His first venture dates back to age 12, when he sold garbage bags. The experience allowed him to develop expertise in the field and eventually own the award-winning NBA team “Dallas Mavericks.” Mark Cuban later founded AXS TV, one of the only few independently-owned broadcasting networks in the United States. He acquired the Landmark Theater Chain, Magnolia Pictures and Magnolia Home Video with his partner Todd Wagner.

Along with his lucrative pursuits, Mark is also a dedicated philanthropist with investments in cause-oriented companies like Luminaid and Mahmee.

Instagram: @mcuban


2. Johann Balbuena

JM Balbuena is the founder of Synergy, a cannabis consultancy, media production, and content marketing organization headquartered in San Diego, CA. Balbuena is a commercial cannabis licensing acquisition and compliance expert. After her healing experience with the plant, the young entrepreneur has made it her personal and professional mission to normalize cannabis in wellness, lifestyle, and business.

The proven business strategist is motivated by elevating the communities she serves. She’s the Amazon best-selling author of The Successful Canna-preneur, a guide for those looking to enter the legal cannabis space. JM created the cannabis lifestyle brand @boycottshittyweed as an effort to bring awareness to the importance of quality and intention with respect to consumption, and to highlight the need for social justice and equity in the cannabis industry as a whole. Balbuena is a proud US Navy veteran and uses all her platforms to advocate for the safe access of cannabis medicine for veterans in the US.


Founder Of Synergy
CEO Of Digital
3. Jahna Eichel

Jahna is the founder and CEO of digital visibility power house, The Creative Agency. Her mission is to provide powerful artificial intelligence and put value driven content to work for her clients online.

As one of only a handful of agencies with these powerful tools across the globe, Jahna’s agency marries strategy and technology to a perfect synchronicity.



4. Stacy Renea Bryant

Stacy Bryant, Coach Stacy also known as (The Manifest Chic), is the founder of The Stiletto Bosses Network™, ICU Coaching Academy and The Free Hope Foundation for Domestic Violence. She is the host of Candid Conversation with Coach Stacy on 108 Praise Radio and TV Host of Manifesting Moments on XOD Network. She is a Retired Veteran of the United States Army and she devotes her life to empowering others. Stacy is a Best-Selling Author, who collaborated in the book, “Will to Win” with Brian Tracy.

Stacy is a Certified Master Life Coach Trainer, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Radio Personality. Her passion for inspiring and encouraging others has made her a sought-after Inspirational Speaker and Coach. She is currently producing the “Breakthrough 2 Manifest Tour”, hosted in cities across the US.


The Stiletto Bosses Network™
Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur

However, her mission does not end there. By Co-founding Sweetheart Scholars Non-profit Organization, Dr. Ashley Little gives out annual college scholarships to African American females from her hometown in Wadesboro, North Carolina to help with their college expenses. Dr. Little believes it takes a village to raise a child and to never forget where you come from. Dr. Little is a strong believer in giving back to her community. She believes our young ladies need vision, direction, and strong mentorship. She is also the CEO/Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Creating Your Seat At The Table International Magazine where she highlights GIANTS in their industries nationally and internationally who are creating and building their own tables.

Instagram: @thehbcuexperiencemovement; @_ashleyalittle

Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little



5. Dr. Ashley Little

Dr. Ashley Little an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, TV/Radio Host, TEDx Speaker, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Media Maven, Journalist, Writer, Host, Philanthropist, Business Coach, Investor and 14X Award-Winning Best Selling Author.

Through her service, she has elevated countless individuals and companies. Among her ventures is the Ashley Little Enterprises, LLC, which encompasses her work in Media, Consulting Work, Writing, Ghost Writing, Book Publishing, Book Coaching, Project Management, Magazine Publishing, Public Relations, Marketing, and Empowerment Speaking among others.

Aside from writing success stories, the company is also credited for increasing appreciation in media and literature. This impact is heavily augmented by Dr. Ashley’s company The HBCU Experience Movement, LLC, the first Black-owned publishing company to launch books written and published by prominent HBCU alumni throughout the world who attended Historically Black Colleges & Universities. As authors, they share a powerful collection of stories on how their unique college experience has molded them into the people they are today. Our company’s goal is to change the narrative by sharing Black stories and investing financially back into our HBCUs to increase young alumni giving and enrollment. The Award-Winning Best Selling Authors won the Black Authors Matter TV Award May 2021.


6. Cheryl Elizabeth Williams

Cheryl Elizabeth Williams is the founder of Fundamentals for Foster Care, a non-profit located in Texas. She has played major roles in advocating for children in the foster care system and has done more work in the spotlight in 2021, talking to celebrities and partnering with influencers to impact children’s lives together. She was featured in the money issue of Forbes in early 2021, encouraging other CEOs. Cheryl’s passion lies in championing foster kids’ care and making sure the education system serves every child adequately.

Currently, she is planning a foster care conference where she will be speaking on supporting foster youth education alongside top international foster care advocate Dr. John DeGarmo. Cheryl Williams is involved in multiple programs for children bordering around foster care, education and quality of life for children growing out of the foster system. She continues to drive conversations and impact for children in foster care.


Fundamentals For Foster Care
iX Global
7. Joseph Anthony Martinez

Joseph Martinez is the Founder and CEO of iX Global, the fastest-growing personal growth platform on the planet. He is an international business and personal development mentor with over 12 years of experience and an industry professional who has helped multi-million dollar companies grow and expand their vision as a business consultant. Joe has opened and grown markets involving hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in more than 20 different countries in 5 continents. His goal is to innovate, inspire, and impact the lives of people and revolutionize the global education system emphasizing transformational and personal growth as the new mainstream.


8. Chioma “Chi” Amaefule

Chioma “Chi” Amaefule is the CEO and Founder of N.Y.A. Love and Dating Services. As a certified matchmaker and dating specialist she has coined herself as the “Love Genie” because she does everything in her power to make wishes come true. She is NOT Your Average Matchmaker and takes on a direct, loving and honest approach. She created her business after heartbreak to remind people to not give up on love. She thrives on giving marriage minded singles hope when it comes to finding their happily ever after as long as they’re patient enough to do the work and wait for it.



Beverley’s Home Health Care
9. Anthony Beverley & Tanya Beverley

Powerhouse spouses Anthony Beverley and Tanya Beverley are the brilliant minds behind “Beverley’s Home Health Care.” Before launching the agency, the couple were homeless and scrapped metal for years to make ends meet.

Despite their meager profit, Anthony was able to set aside money to educate himself in real estate. His investment allowed him to profit from lucrative transactions and, later, open other avenues of income such as the Beverley’s Home Health Care agency.

The spouses built the company from their basement and, amid the pandemic, catapulted it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Under the slogan, “Love Is All That Matters,” the agency provides quality non-medical and personal care services through its numerous locations.

With CEOs Anthony Beverley and Tanya Beverley at its helm, Beverley’s Home Health Care continues to raise and define the standard of home-care nationwide.


10. Jason Elmer

Jason Elmer, President of LMC & Managing Partner of LMC Elite Construction Inc. ( Florida ) Has become legendary in the Large Loss Insurance Restoration Industry. Through what can only be described as ” relentless work ethic ” & ” an unwavering desire to win ” , J. Elmer’s name has quickly found its way to be on speed dial for some of the largest Corporations in the World when there is a Large / Major Loss to their buildings and property anywhere in the United States.

Mr. Elmer currently operates in every state of the Mid Atlantic Region of The United States, is currently writing a book, in addition to taking the Virginia Bar Exam.

One client described Jason Elmer like this:

“The man is like a force of nature, he is by far, the single most unstoppable individual I have ever encountered.”


LMC Elite Construction Inc
Digital Strategist
Sarah Marie

Sarah Marie is a Digital Strategist by profession for more than 5 years already. She has built relationships and developed strategies that help further grow businesses. She is known for her unrivaled will to win as her content effectively makes businesses take over.


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