What The TikTok Ban Could Mean For Your Business

Regardless of how you may feel about the forced sale of TikTok to prevent American closure, the fact of the matter remains that relying on a singular platform to promote your business has been and always will be an error.

It may sound counterintuitive for a marketing agency to be anti-TikTok- but the truth is- we’re one of the good ones. We want our services to be ROI positive, we don’t want our clients to just do things sans strategy because it sounds good. We provide data on smart choices and the reason WHY. TikTok is the right choice for some companies- but the reality is – for most – it isn’t.

Have you ever web-browsed TikTok without logging in? Notice the massive shift in the content you see? That’s because the average TikTok user doesn’t even live in the US. What’s more- they are 10x more likely to be under the age of 18 than any other platform.

Unless you’re selling squish mellows or the like- you should not be spending resources on TikTok alone.

SEO will always be the low-hanging fruit. Being available to clients already searching for what you do provides a layer of customer service you don’t even have to work for trust naturally builds just by you being available in their time of need.

TikTok cannot be further from that. In this era of authentic marketing gains- having your front desk crew dancing on TikTok is tacky- dare we say “cringe” and does not align with consumer ideals long term.

Building a brand with a loyal base requires more thought and more transparency.

I don’t care what your business is- you are in the business to solve problems – period.

Get your strategy dialed in, diversify your marketing resources and mark smart decisions on your social footprint.

We’re here to help!

Here are 5 marketing alternatives to TikTok to start right now.

SEO: search engine optimization is the #1 producing marketing strategy with dollar for dollar value returns coming in at 4 to 1 – organic search is longer lasting, more cost effective and more meaningful than any other strategy. When a consumer is looking for something, they are already prepared to patron. Companies who capitalize on this are increasing their footprint, visibility and income far faster than their competitors. You are invisible unless you are on page one.

Boost your email marketing: 35% of our clients and our clients clients come from juicy emails- share value and give them the trust to start

Video marketing on streaming – YouTube Hulu etc- it’s a little more produced- a little more expensive (who are we kidding/ a lot more) but the metrics on return are 40-60% revenue

Old school press- pitch writers the old fashioned way- with your story and your value. Print media is retained in memory 7x longer than social media

Instagram – with the popularity on TikTok- instagram users have grown rapidly. It now holds the largest age demographic of all other platforms with age ranging from 16 to 71 and has the most US based users of any competing social network.

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