TikTok vs Instagram For Your Business

When it comes to your ad spend on social media, where you invest your money and marketing efforts matters.  Social media can be extremely effective when utilized correctly and to its fullest potential.  Many business owners wonder if they should be on top of a trend, like TikTok, or stick with social media that has been around a bit longer, like Facebook and Instagram.  It can be a hard decision with all the headlines and numbers.  There is a clear answer to what platform is best for your business advertisements.

We are The Creative Agency, a full-service marketing agency specializing in digital growth.  We keep our clients ahead of their competitors and on the cutting edge regarding their online presence. We know to look beyond passing trends, get your business on the right platforms and utilize the platform to its highest potential.


TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to post and view short form video content.  The platform skyrocketed in popularity because it was marketed to a young, impressionable audience.  The timing of TikTok also contributed to its popularity.  As the world went into lockdown for the COVID 19 pandemic, TikTok’s popularity exploded.  Everyone turned to their phone and apps for entertainment. TikTok has around a billion users currently.  The demographic most represented on TikTok is younger than the broad reach of Instagram.

Instagram differs from TikTok in a few major ways.  While Instagram does feature short-form video content in Reels, Stories, and Explore, it’s not the only form of content.  Instagram can feature more classic advertisements that are not videos, but are pictures.  Instagram is known as the place where people go to connect with their friends, as well as the brands they know and love.  Engagement is the name of the game for Instagram advertisements.  Where TikTok is known for gaining attention, but not necessarily creating paying customers, Instagram is known for being the place to engage with brands, ask questions, and see what companies and brands are doing.

TikTok has been winning the battle for the most headlines recently.  The future of TikTok is up in the air as talk of TikTok bans garners attention.  TikTok is owned by the Chinese based company ByteDance.  The Chinese government holds a minority stake in ByteDance.  There has been much controversy about what data TikTok gets from its users, where that data is stored, and how that data is being used.  At the time of writing, more than 15 countries have imposed either partial or full bans of TikTok, citing security and even national security concerns.

In the United States TikTok has been banned on all government devices because of national security concerns.  The state of Montana is going through steps to ban the app completely, by not allowing any platform that sells apps to sell TikTok.  On April 14th, 2023, Montana lawmakers voted to ban the app, again citing security concerns.  While this decision is going to be challenged, Montana may be leading the pack with other states to follow.  The future of TikTok is up in the air, and it is definitely not as stable as Instagram. While it’s true that Instagram and Facebook have faced challenges, their issues are not those of national security and the Chinese government’s involvement.

TikTok marketing looks different from marketing on Instagram.  The biggest difference is in who is targeted in marketing.  TikTok has a younger demographic and therefore advertises to that demographic.  More than 25% of users of TikTok are under the age of 19.  If your product or service’s target audience isn’t in that range, you may be wasting advertising dollars spent of the platform.  TikTok does have captions, but in general users are watching the videos, not reading the content. While users do use TikTok to watch influencers and some advertisements, TikTok is for entertainment.  This differs from Instagram, which is more about engagement and learning about brands, products, and services than it is about viral dances and challenges.


Instagram started in 2010 and has been a popular platform for users to connect with family and friends, as well as with their favorite celebrities, brands, and company’s.  Marketing on Instagram has exploded in popularity because of its effectiveness.  More than 50% of users reported going to a company website to purchase a product or service after seeing it on their Instagram Stories.  Users are more engaged with advertisements on Instagram versus TikTok.  While TikTok is great for brand awareness and attention, Instagram is more about conversion and engagement.

Instagram created Reels as an answer to the popularity of TikTok.  Just like TikTok, Instagram Reels is short-form video content, and many times has the exact same videos used for Reels as well as TikTok.  More than 90% of the 1.6 billion users of Instagram follow at least one brand or company.  Instagram encourages interactions and engagement with brands, which is what leads to conversions.  This is what businesses and brands should be concerned with, conversions.  While TikTok may bring attention to your brand, product, or service, the users don’t have the same buying power as those in Instagram. In fact, more than 81% of users have used Instagram specifically to find out more about brands, products, and services.

If your business is wondering where their ad spend should go, between Instagram and TikTok, the answer is obvious.  Instagram is where you turn users into paying customers.  With the future of TikTok up in the air, and new developments daily about bans on TikTok, it’s not a stable option.  With many of the same challenges with social media, Instagram has the definite leg up with their longevity, reliability, and stability that TikTok cannot claim at this time.

As new trends in social media come and go, Instagram has proved they can roll with the punches and stay relevant with the creation of Stories and Reels.  Instagram offers your business the opportunity to tell your story, show your products, and engage with those most likely to buy from you.  To maximize your ad spend, put your money in ads that are effective and lead your potential customers down your sales funnel, not just garner attention.  Instagram is by far the better choice for your business advertising on social media.

Contact us at The Creative Agency to get your Instagram advertisements to work for you and maximize your ROI.  We are marketing experts who are dedicated to the growth and success of your brand.  We can not only help you to produce an Instagram ad campaign that is effective, but we work to maximize your online presence and reputation.

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