How To Know It’s Time To Redesign Your Website and Who To Call

A user-friendly and SEO-optimized website is vital for every business.  With the speed of technology these days, keeping your website up to date can be found challenging for many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be.  Including web design in The Creative Agencies services is part of what makes The Creative Agency an award-winning full-service marketing agency.  The web design services offered by The Creative Agency give your business a professional and visually stunning website that also offers a seamless user experience.  When your website is done by The Creative Agency you can rest assured it is at the cutting edge of technology and will get you noticed and improve conversions.

Many times your business website is the first impression a potential customer has of your brand.  Your website needs to not only look professional and beautiful, but it needs to assist those on your site with the most seamless experience possible.  Your website needs to represent your brand and your brand voice and portray all your business stands for.

With billions of people online at any given second, your website should have endless opportunities for your business.  From displaying the latest news and exciting new embarkments for your company to converting those that simply look at your site into paying customers, your website is of the utmost importance for your business.  Keeping this integral part of your business, your website, at its optimized peak needs to be a priority for your business.

Getting your website onto the first page of search engine results pages and having a professional, visually appealing, and easy-to-use website may sound like a tall order, but The Creative Agency can make it happen.  The expert web designers take your vision for your website and make it a reality.  Make your website rank amongst the best with The Creative Agency.

How to know if your website needs a redesign

There are many reasons why your business website might need a redesign.  Each one holds importance, and all together it adds up to a website that ultimately isn’t cutting it for your business. To get the most out of your online reputation and your website, you need to have it as optimized as possible.  Optimized for SEO, as well as for the users of your website. Here are just some of the ways you can know if your website needs to be revamped by the professionals at The Creative Agency.

Your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

The Google algorithm has been prioritizing sites that are optimized for mobile since 2015.  55% of all web traffic comes from users on mobile devices.  Your website needs to be optimized for all of your potential customers that are looking for what you offer on their phone or any other mobile device.  If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, users will either get impatient and go to another site, or they won’t even see it come up on search engine results pages.  Having a mobile-optimized website makes it easy for your potential customers to see your page, and hopefully purchase from you.

Your website is slow to load.

You don’t want potential customers who are trying to get to your site to get impatient with the time it takes for your site to load.  Patience is at an all-time low with 53% of internet users reporting leaving a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds.  After that 3 seconds, 5% of users leave the site per second it takes to load.  Slow web speeds can also affect your visibility on search engine results pages, as Google’s algorithm takes speed into account as well.

You have a high bounce rate.

A bounce rate is how many potential customers leave your website after only briefly looking at one page.  The bounce rate can be affected by many things, each of which can be fixed with a web redesign from The Creative Agency.  Your bounce rate can be affected by technical issues and errors, your site is of low quality or under-optimized, or even your site is difficult to navigate, to name a few.  A bounce rate of more than 56% is considered a high bounce rate.  If this is happening to you, there is something wrong with your site.

Your site is difficult to navigate.

If your website is difficult to navigate you are missing out on many opportunities and potential conversions.  You want the most user-friendly experience possible.  You want each and every part of your customer’s journey to be as seamless as possible.  The easier you make it for a potential customer to purchase from you, the more likely they are to purchase what you offer.

Your website design is flawed.

One of the factors that can affect how navigable your website is is the design of your website.  If your website isn’t easy to understand and navigate, or if the design is outdated, you will again miss out on potential conversions.  More than 94% of negative website feedback has to do with the design of the website.  The best way to avoid this is to have a professional team designing your website.  The Creative Agency has designed hundreds of websites for its clients, each optimized and designed with your customer in mind.

Your business has news or is changing up what your offer.

Any time that your brand is expanding and offering new products or services is a great time to redesign your website so these new and exciting offers are prominent.  On the same hand, if what you offer has changed, that needs to be reflected on your website.  If your website doesn’t have the most current and up-to-date information, your customers will see that as untrustworthy, and will see your brand the same way.  The Creative Agency can use your current website and add to it to make sure every piece of information and content on there is correct and consistent.

Your website and your brand voice aren’t aligned.

Consistency is key for any brand.  You want your website to reflect your brand and brand voice across all channels.  Your website is many times the first impression a potential customer has about your brand.  Make sure they are getting the right impression right away from your website.  The Creative Agency can help you with this consistency.  Experts in branding, social media management, as well as web design, The Creative Agency makes sure your brand is accurately represented on every level.

Who to turn to for your web redesign or even if you want to build your site from the ground up.

The Creative Agency is a full-service marketing agency with professional web developers who have helped our clients realize their vision for their sites and more.  The Creative Agency builds your site with both you and your potential customers in mind.  Perfectly representing your brand and all your brand stands for, while simultaneously offering a user-friendly experience on a website that is easy to navigate, secure, and safe for your users.

Our results are data-driven, meaning we get your website in front of more of the right consumers, and we use the latest and most advanced technology to do this.  Leave the complicated analytics to The Creative Agency.  The Creative Agency takes care of the analytics and the data, while you take care of your business.

With anything and everything being available online these days, your website must be optimized and up-to-date to keep your business visible online.  When you get your website to work for you the opportunities are endless.  Let The Creative Agency take your website to the next level and compete with the big dogs in your industry.  You’ll be amazed at the results you can get from working with The Creative Agency.

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