Slide Into Your Customer’s DMs and Reap the Benefits

The Direct Message feature of social media is more than just a way to send a simple message to someone or “slide into their DM’s”.  Direct Messages are becoming more relevant as part of your social media marketing strategy.  Sliding into DM’s of your potential customers is a great way to both connect and engage with your audience.

Every business owner knows that to have your online reputation and presence working for you, you need to utilize social media.  More than just a platform to post and advertise on, the direct message features of social media are full of opportunities for your business.

What are direct messages?

Direct messages are messages on a social media platform that go to an inbox of sorts, that is only seen by the person you send it to.  It is a direct link where your message from your business is likely to be seen and engaged with by your audience.  You can direct message another user on pretty much every social media platform.  Facebook Messenger is an example of what direct messages look like for social media.

Advantages of using direct messaging

There are so many reasons to use this feature for your business.  If you have a customer who purchases your product, many times they will have researched your business online, including your social media profiles.  Customers are starting to turn to these profiles for answers to their questions or problems regarding the product or service.  Encouraging them to direct message you, or contacting them first via direct message has many advantages.

The first advantage is that of time.  Direct messages are instant and are much like texting.  Customers expect quick response time to their inquiries and a direct message can be instant with the help of a chatbot.  Chatbots can answer basic questions and do so right away when a customer contacts the business through direct messages.  Anything a chatbot can’t answer will be directed to the person who can and that person is notified.

One thing that is important to know about your customers is how they prefer to communicate with you.  More than 56% of consumers have said they would rather communicate through email or messages than make a phone call.  If direct messaging is how your customers want to communicate with your business, then give them what they want.

A direct message is a very personal way to communicate with your audience.  It’s even more personal than an email and can be comparable to texting.  When you use direct messages the person on the other end of the message feels unique and individual.  Your business can speak directly to them on a personal level, which is what so much of what marketing aims to do.

Direct messages are a great way to increase traffic to your website.  By informing your customers of a sale or a new product launch and sending them the link to your website through direct message, you will get more traffic to your website.  The customers that you send your direct message to are more likely to visit your site from this kind of message than they are from a generic advertisement.

Customers these days crave a personal connection with the brands they spend their money on.  When you use direct messages as an open line of communication, you establish trust and a sense of loyalty from your customers.  If your customer uses direct message to send your brand a question or concern and you directly address it and write them back, you are not only helping them to solve their issue, or answer their question.  You are showing that your brand truly cares about what your customers think and feel about your product.  This trust will build brand loyalty among your customers.

You got into business not only to serve your customers and clients as best you can but to make a living.  The point of your social media marketing and your online presence and reputation is to ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers and even brand-loyal customers.  Utilizing direct messaging, you will increase your conversions by being on a more personal level with your customers.

How to use direct messaging for your business

Every social media platform has direct messaging, so no matter where your audience is- Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, etc, you can utilize your DMs on that platform, or many platforms, to connect with your audience.  Knowing where your audience is online is an important part of your marketing strategy.  Find out where your potential customers are hanging out online and get your business established on that platform.  From there, direct messaging your followers or audience will get you the benefits explained before.

When you are drafting your direct message, you need to first figure out what kind of language your audience uses.  When you speak their language, your audience will feel like you understand them.  You understand their pain points, where they’re coming from, and make your business an authority on helping people just like them.  Once you know how to address your audience, you can get to the message you wish to convey.

Direct messages are a great way to tell your audience directly about a sale or incentive for them to buy something from your website.  Give them a code they can use at checkout so they receive a special discount.  Make those you message feel like they are getting something special from you.

Direct messaging can also be a great place for customer support.  Encourage those that buy from you to send you a direct message if they have any questions, problems, or concerns with your product.  This way, your customers can start the conversation and you can help them with anything they need concerning your product or service.

Every message that you send out should have a clear objective.  Don’t message your audience simply to message them.  This will seem spammy and can get them to unfollow you, achieving the exact opposite of what you want.  Make sure that each message you send is telling your audience something that is of value to them.  Keep your message short and sweet.  Direct messaging isn’t the place for something long and complicated.

While direct messaging is a great tool, don’t overuse it and constantly send generic messages to every one of your followers.  This will again seem spammy and can make your audience feels like you have invaded their space.  A direct message when you have something going on, you have something new to share, or responding to a customer’s inquiry should be what your direct messages are limited to.

In business your reputation is everything.  The same goes for your online reputation.  To fully be there for your customers use things, like direct messaging on social media platforms that they are using.  You can increase your conversions and organic traffic to your website with the proper usage of sliding into your customer’s DMs.

To optimize your business’s online reputation, call The Creative Agency.  This full-service agency does everything from web design to social media management to marketing strategies that get results.

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