Outsourcing Your Marketing Department Means Working Less and Growing More

“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.”

Working less and growing your business more sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s a reality when you delegate your marketing and all that goes along with it to a full-service marketing agency, like The Creative Agency.  Marketing is vast and complex.  When done effectively, your business can experience incredible, mind-blowing growth, without you as the business owner working day and night to achieve it.

As a business owner, when your business first starts out, you do it all.  Burnout is a real thing, and the statistics for new businesses are grim.  More than 20% close within their first year of business.  The ones that don’t have owners who learn quickly to delegate so they can concentrate on the actual running of their business.  So many of a business’s challenges or pain points can be solved through marketing.  Just like you know not just anyone can step into your industry and do what your business does, the same goes for marketing.

So many business owners struggle to do their own marketing.  This struggle ends up costing them around 20 hours a week.  Imagine if you suddenly got an extra 20 hours a week to concentrate on running your business, not marketing for your business and dealing with social media.  While no one can create time, when you learn the power of delegation, you create more time to focus on the things you need to successfully run your business.

The creative agency

The Creative Agency is so committed to the success of our clients because their success is our success.  Helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and flourish is our mission.  When you hire The Creative Agency you are hiring an entire team of creatives and marketing experts who have your best interests at heart.  You get an entire team behind your business, propelling it forward and ahead of your competition.

Your online reputation is something that needs constant attention and care to remain relevant and working for your business.  A marketing agency keeps this side of your business rolling, without you having to do a whole lot.  Depending on how hands-on you want to be, a full-service marketing agency can do it all.  From designing a visually stunning and user-friendly website to managing your social media, The Creative Agency takes on your entire online reputation and makes it like gold.

Saving you not only time but frustration, The Creative Agency has experts in the many facets of marketing.  One of the things every business needs these days is a website.  Not only does your website need to look professional, but it needs to be functional and user-friendly.  Creating a website can take months.  The Creative Agency offers web design services and can create a website from the ground up for you.  Watch as your vision for your website comes to life, with the expert web designers at The Creative Agency.

In addition to looking professional and visually stunning, your website needs to show up in search engine searches.  Your website needs to be search engine optimized for the keywords your target audience uses to search for what your business offers.  The Creative Agency has SEO expertise, tools, and AI that can have your website ranking among the first page of search engine results.  Trying to organically do this can take weeks to months.  The Creative Agency has all the tools any business needs to increase traffic to its site.  On average, businesses that put their SEO and marketing in the hands of The Creative Agency see a 300% increase in traffic.

When your social media isn’t working for you, it can be a major time expenditure with little to no return for business owners.  Social media requires constant nurturing and a strategy as well as executing time.  The time and expertise it takes to concoct a strategy and execute it takes hours each week.  If graphic design elements are part of your imaging strategy, it can take even longer.  A social media account that portrays your business as professional and also gives your audience valuable and relevant content can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your site, as well as direct sales.

Marketing strategy

The expertise that goes into marketing strategy isn’t something any business owner can learn overnight.  A marketing strategy takes time, expertise, and effort.  Knowledge of marketing trends, sales funnels, and how to execute a marketing strategy can confuse even the most savvy of business owners.  Rather than leave it to chance, waste valuable time and money, or frustrate yourself and study marketing nonstop in an attempt to learn all of this, hiring The Creative Agency is a surefire way to not have to spend any time at all and get expert services.

On average, businesses who hire The Creative Agency to handle their marketing needs experience a 300% increase in traffic, 8 times return on ad spend, and 61% revenue growth.  To get mind-blowing numbers like these for your business, you need to delegate your marketing to The Creative Agency.  Not only does your business experience this kind of growth, but you, as the business owner, save countless hours of your precious time.

For a small business that is interested in growth, it’s a no-brainer.  The smart option is to grow with The Creative Agency and save yourself time and effort. Spend money to make money.  The ROI from hiring an agency is more than if you did it yourself.  In fact, much of the growth The Creative Agency can help you achieve is not possible without our tools and resources.  The average person doesn’t have access to these.  You only get this kind of growth by delegation to The Creative Agency.  Work less and grow more by contacting The Creative Agency today.

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