Making Your Content Work For You

Marketing expert and strategist Lee Odder said of content “Content isn’t the king, it’s the kingdom.”  The content you post on your website and social media defines your business and how consumers view your company.  Your content is a vital part of how your business is perceived.  Consistent, high-quality content will reap incredible benefits for the kingdom that is your business.

What is Content?

Content is digitally focused material that is used to message and connect with your customers.  It can come in many forms.  Content can include, but isn’t limited to emails, social media posts, blogs, website copy, youtube videos, newsletters, how-to videos and guides, and podcasts.

Purposes of Content

What does your content do ideally?  Your content needs always to have a purpose and value to your ideal customers.  Never post something just for the sake of posting.  Each post, blog, or communication with your customers needs to have a purpose.  It can be as simple as announcing a sale.  Each piece of content needs to also be valuable to your audience.

The first thing you want to make sure your content does is it should attract your ideal customers.  The value within your content should appeal to this audience.

Great content will connect your company to your audience.  It will promote engagement with that audience.  Every business owner knows connecting to your customers is extremely important and is becoming more and more important all the time.  Your customers want your company to engage and connect with them on many levels.

Your content can serve as inspiration in a multitude of ways.  It could inspire your audience to make a major life change, inspire them to look deeper into your products or services, or inspire them to click to buy.

The content that educates your audience puts you in a position to be a leading authority in your field.  Education also shows that you care about your audience.  This content isn’t pushing sales but is answering questions your audience commonly has or teaching them something that can genuinely help them.

Ultimately your content needs to convince your audience that your product or service is the solution to their problems.  What you offer will help and benefit your target audience and your content is a huge part of convincing your audience of this.

Your organic Search Engine Optimization will increase with each post with optimized content.  This can occur with the use of AI and with keywords embedded into each post.  The more relevant your post is with keywords and descriptions the more traffic you will see when a user searches for those keywords.

Along with all these content goals, your content needs to be posted on a consistent basis.  This is for SEO reasons, as well as what this kind of consistency says to your audience.  Consistency lets your audience know your business is stable and reliable and can be trusted and counted on.  When your content is both consistent and high-quality, you will reap the benefits of your content and this content will begin to work for you.

Benefits Of Great Effective Content

Great content will attract your target audience and it will bring your business more leads.  The leads that it brings in will be higher qualified leads.  This means that the consumers that are looking at your content and are engaged with it are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.  With even more great content to hold their attention, you will be on the road to making a sale with these leads drawn in by your content.

SEO-optimized content will draw more people to your social media page or your website.  This is why you need to have great content across all levels of your customer’s experience.  Once your potential customer is intrigued enough to check your business out some more, they need to continue to be intrigued by your content.

Great and relevant content will keep these potential customers captivated.  This can mean they will continue to look at your website or social media, or it can be in the long term.  The more potential customers you have looking at your business and what you’re doing, the better.  Consistent content will keep your potential customers coming back to see what you are posting next.

Content that is educating your audience over time will establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.  Your company will naturally be who consumers turn to when they need your product or service because you are the thought leader, the expert in your field.

When your business is considered the thought leader in the industry you will establish a great level of trust from your potential customers.  Consumers want to spend their money on companies and products that they can trust.  Having content that is relevant to your target audience and that provides some level of value to them will go a long way in establishing trust.   Your potential customers will see that you are in the business of better serving your customers and truly trying to help them.

Adding trust plus increased visibility through SEO and the brand awareness that occurs with great content will all help to increase your conversions.  Every business’s goal is to sell more, and with all of the benefits that having great content provides, this goal will be met.

With more potential customers turning into paying customers, the ultimate goal is brand loyalty.  You want your customers to buy from you consistently and for them to feel loyalty to your brand.  These customers won’t buy from your competitors.  They know your brand, and they trust your brand.  These customers will become your greatest assets and advocates.

Content is so much more than posting something on social media here and there.   When your content is high quality and consistent it begins to work for you.  The Creative Agency creates high-quality content for your business that you own.  We never claim ownership of anything we create for you.  Your business will reap incredible benefits with our consistent and high-quality content across all channels.

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