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The Creative Agency is a full-service boutique agency that specializes in creative marketing, branding, advertising, consulting, and digital growth. We’re dedicated to helping small businesses flourish by implementing successful strategies to help your business grow. 

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Our agency’s diverse skill sets and services are unmatched. From search engine optimization, artificial intelligence, social media strategies, pay-per-click ads and much more, you’re guaranteed substantial growth with our authentic campaigns. 

High touch

We firmly believe it's important to stay connected with our clients. It's your business after all. Therefore you deserve to stay in the know. We can't wait to dive into all the nitty-gritty details and unlock data together.

The whole picture

We're not just a website development company or social media experts. We're growth experts. Our goal is to expand your business through every lens. It’s the sum of these talents that sets us apart.

Digital footprint

Google searches make up 70% of all internet queries. How quickly you're found online can exponentially affect your brand. We're experts in ensuring our clients stay visible and relevant in a saturated market.

"Jahna is a total powerhouse! Not only is she amazing at what she does, she is incredibly easy to work with. She has given me so much help with my business and I can tell she really wants her clients to succeed. Not only did she help me build my business, she helped me build my confidence as well. If you are searching for a way to take your business to the next level, she is your gal!"
Alisha B

Jahna Eichel - Founder & Strategist

The Story

Hi, I’m Jahna! I started The Creative Agency to help entrepreneurs grow their brands and scale their businesses. Since our inception, we’ve launched over 40 startups and served hundreds of clients nationwide. As a serial entrepreneur, mom of 2, and multi-income stream queen, my passion is watching my client’s businesses blossom into 6 & 7 figure endeavors. Having a successful business is easy when you’re standing on a rock-solid foundation and you feel exponentially supported by those around you. 

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Who we are

Our Brilliant Team


Jahna Eichel

Expert Strategist
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Mia Laturnus

Executive Assistant AKA
Right Hand Woman

Eric Mixon

Graphic Design
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Christopher Lee

Tech & Web Wizard
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Theresa Taylor

Content Creation Extraordinaire

Natalie Dyer

Head Photographer
Photo/Video Maven

Personalized Approach

For many companies, marketing campaigns are the best methods for acquiring customers, effectively engaging with their audience, and reinforcing positioning. Successful campaigns target the correct audience while following a curated strategy that includes personalized touches and an authentic brand voice.

Leveling Up

If you aren’t scared, you’re most likely playing it safe in your comfort zone. It’s impossible to grow when you’re stuck inside the same walls. Decide what your goals are and analyze what you’re doing to increase your profit. Remember, big thinking yields big results.

what is inspired action?

Inspired action is when you have an internal desire to do something for your business. For example, when you get the feeling something is telling you to call your friend. You don’t know why you need to call her, but something is urging you to pick up the phone. Following through on that urge may help you take the next step in facilitating your goals.

So, Are You Ready?

Investing in you business is the first step towards your goals. It’s easy to say you can’t or you shouldn’t for fear of the outcome. Risk is inevitable with any business and until you make the bold move to start, you’ll most likely stay where you are. All great businesses live outside of their comfort zone. Will you?

"I don't know much about magic but you are a magician! I have new consults weekly, no less than a week! I have been keeping about 90% of those who do consults with me! I am scheduled to do as many birth in the first 6 months of 2020 than I did in all of 2019, crazy! Thank you for all the work you do on my behalf. "
Bethel B.