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We're a full stack digital marketing & Creative agency

The Creative Agency is a full-service boutique agency that specializes in creative marketing, branding, advertising, consulting, and digital growth. Your business is like no other, which is why we curate personalized strategies that grow your brand, exactly how you want it to.

We’re dedicated to helping your business flourish no matter it’s size.  curating authentic and personalized strategies that guarantee success. Simply put, we’re a digital design, visibility, advertising and social media marketing agency that helps brands manufacture success.

Our agency is a one stop shop. We are experts in all things related to digital marketing, literally. One team to help you grow your business effectively- and we promise you’ll enjoy every interaction with us.  

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We're a Digital Marketing Agency You Can Count On

Our boutique marketing agency provides unparalleled services, such as high-level SEO, digital advertising, social media management, and internet marketing. We believe in a high touch marketing approach. This means we’re beside you every step of the way – helping you obtain your marketing goals and celebrating every success with you. By keeping up with industry trends and with the help of our team of creative experts, we develop successful marketing strategies that utilize effective business branding and internet marketing. Within the first 30 days, our clients see an increase in search results. We’re here to help you grow, stand out, and succeed amongst your competition. 

Jahna Eichel

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search Engine Visibility

We utilize SEO (search engine optimization) to effectively ensure your business is visible online. Have other marketing agency’s told you getting to page one of google is impossible or too expensive? We WILL get you there. The searchability landscape has changed and we know how to keep up!

Social Media Management

An authentic voice is key to staying above the noise. We dedicate time to learning and understanding your brand’s voice. With crafted social media campaigns, blogs, or website copy, the authenticity of your brand will shine through.

website design & user experience

User experience is everything. Is your website navigable? High functioning? Automated? Performing on search engines? We take a strategic approach to crafting the perfect website ensuring we cross off all the necessary tallies. 

effective ad campaigns

Campaigns must be meticulously crafted in order to land your ideal client. We love strategizing with our team to create beautiful content for Google ads, social media campaigns, press releases, and more without wasted ad spend.

Schedule a discovery

Your time is precious. Leave the strategizing up to us. We love spending hours nerding out over Google analytics, social campaigns, and other business building platforms. We’ll pour over the data so you don’t have to. Your valuable time should be spent growing your business from the inside while creating space for growth. Leave the heavy lifting up to us. We wish to advance the development of businesses just like yours by easing the process and creating effective brand strategies. So sit back, watch your sales grow, optimize your infrastructure, and witness your vision come to life with us. 

Social Media Campaigns

Website Design & Development

We love launching

Your website is essentially your digital resume. It should be treated as the epicenter for client conversions.
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Visibility Is Essential

Search Engine Optimization

visibility is essential

Search engines look at two things when evaluating your website and deciding where to rank it - RELEVANCE and TRUST. Relevance is the content of a website and the code behind the scenes.
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Digital Growth

expert strategy


With an effective strategy, you can maximize relevancy and secure customer loyalty. We create effective campaigns that follow the industry's best practices with an authentic voice. That’s what being a boutique marketing agency is all about.
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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Your social media is a birds eye view into your brand, your company culture, your values and most importantly- your expertise. It's important that your feed and content is polished and optimized for high yield engagement.
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Marketing Company

Photography & Videography

Production Value

Good content requires amazing photos & video. We're a creative agency afterall.
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Digital Marketing Agency


Ad Campaigns

With an effective ad strategy, you can maximize conversions and find new clients. With an ineffective ad strategy- you may as well be flushing your dollars down the drain. Let us help you win with ads.
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hAve more questions?

That’s perfect! Launching correctly can save you so much heartache. While we love helping our clients grow their existing brands, having a foundation of support, ideal strategy, and visibility measures will allow you to hit the ground running.

I get it! Having a business coach can be incredible for your business and your personal life. We are firm believers in constant and continuous education and mentorship. That being said, finding the right coach who can help you mentally prepare and claim the life you want to live as an entrepreneur is the most important part of a coaching relationship. The second most important part is implementation. While I don’t use the word “coach” I do offer a strategy and launch program that will get your mind right! And the implementation part? Our speciality. Before you hire a business coach, give me a ring and we can talk it through- if you need more coaching than our program offers- I will give you some incredible recommendations so you can feel confident in your choice, and in your investment. <3 

Without getting too technical, we deploy artificial intelligence to make rapid adjustments to keyword codes and content. While our strategy is manual, our AI allows us to multiply the rate in which you show up on Google. YAY robots. 

Without a doubt! No one can be as authentic as YOU. We can give you expert advice on how to use the channels that make the most sense for your business and help you with staying motivated, and- when the time comes where you can’t stay consistent because you’re so busy- we can take it over and/or help you train your interns or in house social media team. The sky is the limit babe- we’re here to SERVE you and create a thriving business you LOVE- whatever that looks like for you.

YAY! I am so excited to get rockin’ and rollin’- Our onboarding process is quick and easy- we talk about your business as it stands or your plans if you are pre-launch, we get a feel for your goals and where you are now, analyze your current processes, website, social media channels, etc and make recommendations from there! We generally have new clients onboarded within 24 hours. 

No worries. Browse the rest of our website and soak it all in- if you still have questions email me directly at jahna@jahnaeichel.com – While I have an incredible staff, it’s important to me that I connect with every client personally so feel free to give me a shout. 

Using the internet can help your business reach a far greater number and variety of potential customers than conventional advertising and marketing alone.

A digital business strategy is a strategy that utilizes the principles of online marketing and business to help your company grow online, both in terms of its presence and reach.

SEO and SMO principles are the best ways to ensure that you reach as many people as possible online and have the best possible search engine results.

Internet marketing is allowing businesses to reach a much broader and more diverse range of customers than ever before.

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Let's clarify

Evaluating your online presence, honing in on your process, and growing your business starts with defining and clarifying. Having a clear idea of your company’s mission, goals, and ideal clients is imperative.



With beautiful websites, effective ad campaigns, relevant content, and high-powered SEO, your audience will be captivated. We implement best practices to ensure your business soars above the rest.


Get ready for growth

Our packages are created to match your unique needs. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, health care provider, product-based brand, online coach, or brick and mortar we’re here to help you grow and scale into the next phase of your business. 

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